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Pipe Bursts and Septic Pump Defective

This customer experienced a double whammy after their cold pipe burst and septic pump broke saturating carpets and creating much debris and filth in their show... READ MORE

Take Caution with Halogen Lamps

A simple act of drying a shirt faster by laying it over a lamp may seem innocent but could have been deadly.  Like many of us, this homeowner didn’t ... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Proves To Be More Than A Shock

An electrical fire is the cause of the extensive smoke and soot damage in this beautiful Holliston home. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electri... READ MORE

Trapped Water in Bathtub's Shell Caused Mold Infestation

Unbeknownst to the customer, their new tub shell that covered their original tub had trapped water and created an infestation of mold in the tub and bathroom wa... READ MORE

Pipe Bursts in Dining Room in Framingham Home

Freezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst in the dining room of this Framingham home.  As a result there was standing water in the dining room, living r... READ MORE

Pipe Bursts in Northborough Home Causing Extensive Damage

Frigid temperatures caused a pipe to burst on the second floor affecting the bedrooms and seeping down to the living room and kitchen area.  This Northboro... READ MORE

Water Main Break Affects Natick Home

 This unlucky customer's home was flooded after a water main break occurred on their street. Water main breaks happen for various reasons as a normal ... READ MORE

Mold in Attic in Sudbury Home

Attics tend to create the perfect breeding ground for mold, partly because mold growth can go unnoticed for several months at a time.  A poorly installed a... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in Hopkinton Home

  A clogged drain was the cause of this sewage backup in a Hopkinton home.  Sewage water came through the shower drain and through the toilet. Clogged... READ MORE

Water Tank Floods Milford Business

Cold winter temperatures caused a flood in an office building in Milford, due water tank burst in the early morning.  It was discovered by employ... READ MORE